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Where Are We  and How did We Get Here?

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8-24 H


Determine the patterns of resistance to racial reconciliation, their root cause, their longevity, and trajectory.


  • Congregational Demographics Report

  • Patterns of Resistance and their causes 

  • Longterm threats to community witness and engagement

Analysis There is no way to prescribe an appropriate plan for racial reconciliation if the pressing issues and obstacles to that reconciliation are not clearly defined.  Many churches have subtle patterns that remain hidden in plain sight to many leaders and congregants because they have become routines, standard practices, and, simply put, 'the way we do ministry'.  

We have 3 very valuable and strategic tools that help expose the root cause of these patterns in order to prescribe the appropriate and practical Approach in Step 2.   Click here to learn more about our effective 4 Step Process:

Analyze. Approach. Assemble. Assist.

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